Enter a valid UK Vehicle registration number and get a free vehicle history check and VRT(Vehicle Road Tax) estimate.

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We were sick and tired of the back & forth between a combination of Revenues VRT Calculator, currency converters and Irish Road Tax calculators so we decided to get all this information and put it in one place.

Simply install the Free Chrome extension and we take it from there. Continue as before, browsing you favorite car websites*.

The Chrome Extension is our customers favorite product.

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How does it work?

How does it work?
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    vehicle: {
      _id: 111111,
      make: 'AUDI',
      model: 'A5',
      variant: '2.0TDI',
      vrtRate: 8888,
      body_type: 'COUPE',
      co2: 126,
      currentOMSPEUR: 88888,
      engine_liters: '2.0',
      fuel_type: 'DIESEL',
      number_of_doors: 3,
      transmission: 'AUTOMATIC',


The VRTMe REST API service provide you with the streamlined integration you have been looking for. We currently provide endpoints that allow you to do the following:

  • Calculate VRT from a Vehicles information.
  • Calculate VRT from a Vehicles Registration.
  • Get a basic vehicle information report.
  • Get a list of vehicle makes.
  • Get a list of vehicle models related to that make.

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